Ada Louisa Hockley
Edith Annie Gascoigne
Albert James Hockley
Ada Louisa Hockley, born 18th December 1887, died 20th March 1984. The youngest of the 12 children of James and Martha Hockley. By the 11th May 1888 Martha was dead, leaving baby Ada without a mother. The Photo was taken at Alton by Holliday & Co. This is Frederick George Hockley’s wife, Edith Annie Gascoigne, born 5th August 1871. Edith was in service at Coldrey 1901 with her future sister in law Edith Jessie Hockley. The picture was taken at Yeovil, Christmas 1923 when she was 52. Albert James Hockley, born 5th January 1885, died 7th Deemberc 1956, the youngest son of James Hockley. In his teens a well dressed young man about town. He was a qualified St John Ambulance man in later life
Winifred Rose Hockley
Mary Hockley
Charles Hockley
Winifred Rose Hockley nee Rivers, wife of RN sailor Frank Hockley (son of James Hockley), with baby Mabel Jessie. Sadly this lovely little girl (their first born), died at 14 months on 11th April 1899 at Pamber. Note again the use of family names, Mabel Jessie. Mary Hockley as a young woman - she never married. Born 14th March 1871, died 24th November 1953. Daughter of James Hockley, known always as Polly. Worked in the hop fields (see a photograph in our Hops & Hopping section). Charles Hockley in middle age; we have no photo of him as a young man. He is James Hockley’s eldest son, his older brother William James died as a one year old. Charles was born 2nd August 1873 and died 9th December 1967. He started life as a garden boy then later a gardener. Moved to Barry and progressed there to become Chief Port Sanitary Inspector for the Barry City Council. He became the elder statesman of the family looking after father James and his unmarried sister’s money affairs.