C H Simpson graveWork has proceeded apace on the book, “Lest We Forget, Froyle in the Great War”, and we are discovering a lot about life in Froyle in the first quarter of the 20th Century.
Amongst the discoveries was this Commonwealth Graves Commission headstone in the ‘New Cemetery’ in Upper Froyle. It marks the grave of RMA/15954 Gunner C.H. Simpson, Royal Marine Artillery, 23rd December 1919. The only thing is that we can’t recall seeing the stone before!
Also, the record of our grave inscriptions in 1983 makes no reference to a CWGC headstone - enquiries are under way....
Gunner Simpson isn’t on the War memorial, but then, apparently, he died following a fall. We are still looking in to the full details. In the coming weeks we shall be updating the War Memorial story as well as adding to the story of the Village Hall with the origins of the original “Hut”.

Finally, a reminder that in 12 month’s time we shall be celebrating the Froyle Archive’s 40th Anniversary at our Open Day on Sunday, June 14th in Froyle Village Hall. The theme will be “Lest We Forget, Froyle in the Great War”. More information later!

Chris & Annette Booth

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