The Froyle Censuses
The Census (Heads of Familes) records are linked to the Church Records of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials. Click the link to bring up more data and click on the bottom menu bar to get back to the relevant Census page. I have arranged the list in alphabetical order with a (I hope!) simple menu system to reach the appropriate pages. There is a problem with the spelling of names in some cases - the name as recorded is in italics where it is different from the main spelling. In the 1841 Census (see also the link to Census notes) no place of birth was required, so I have put the ‘obvious’ ones in red. It is probably worth having a look at the notes first, so I have also put a link from them to the Census.
In addition to this we have the complete censuses for all available years - follow the links to the appropriate year. As yet there is no custom search facility so the data is presented as it was entered by the enumerator at the time. However, you can use the ‘find’ facility (Ctrl+F) in Internet Explorer (at least 5.0) to search each page. Most of the censuses are in house order, apart from 1851, 1861 and 1871. I have added internal links to Lower Froyle, Upper Froyle and the bottom of the page. Any entry, mainly house names, that is in red means that we have interpreted the name as shown. Please have patience while loading as these are relatively large files. I would suggest that, if you are looking for a particular person, you go to the “Heads of Family” section first and then look for more detail in the relevant year. Finally, you will notice that we have now have the complete 1911 Census Year - the Heads of Family from 1911 will follow shortly.