The Hockleys
The name Hockley has long been associated with the Methodist Church in Froyle (closed in 1998). As a result of a contact from Ron Jones in Auckland, New Zealand, we have received some photographs of the Hockley family. Ron explains how he came by the pictures:
“In the centre picture, bottom row, is a girl called Mabel Hockley. She married and in turn had a daughter Mabel Trigwell. This Mabel had a cousin called Mabel Carter, who was my wife’s Mother. The family were regular in passing family first names down hence my wife’s middle name is Jessie after one of James’s unmarried daughters. This was a close knit family and the three unmarried daughters of James Hockley and Martha Hockley kept and collected items and photos of a family nature. They died and the Mabel Trigwell who became Mrs Mabel Eales received these treasures to add to her own. We became the custodians of the surplus because of our genealogical interest. ”
There are so many wonderful pictures in this collection that we have added some further pages - follow the More link at the bottom of the page. Thanks to Ron for the pictures and the accompanying notes.

Some of the Hockley Family
Hannah Hockley
Frederick Hockley
Hannah, the mother of Charles and James, born in Binsted 4th October 1822, died 3rd February 1917 aged 95. She married William Hockley 15th July 1843. Hannah lived with son Charles before he was married in Bentley. In the 1881 census she is working as a field woman aged 58yrs. Frederick Hockley (Brother of Charles and James) shown in the uniform of the 2nd BN. Rifle Brigade wearing his Ashanti 1874 Medal. He ran away from Bentley and joined up in Aldershot. Click picture to see medal (not actual one) James Hockley (1847 - 1924) worked continually for 65 years on the Coldrey Estate in Hampshire as a farm labourer, starting work there before he was 12 years of age and he continued working up to nine weeks of his death in his 78th year
Martha Hockley and daughters
James  Hockley and second wife
Charle Hockley
Martha Hockley (nee Spier) James Hockley’s first wife. Daughter Mary Hockley (left) known as Polly all her life, on the right Edith Jessie Hockley. Both girls never married despite their good looks. Note the three women are wearing flowers. Martha died 11th May 1888. James Hockley, his second wife, Emma, daughter Mabel, and son Albert. Charles Hockley used to belong to Bentley Parish Church. As a boy he had the job of filling the oil lamps there, for which he got twopence a week. It is said that with his first sixpence he bought himself a bible. Certainly he became a shining light for Christ. At Froyle he served in every possible way - Poor Steward, Chapel Steward, Society Steward, Sunday School Superintendent, Class Leader, Trustee and Local Preacher. He is recorded speaking at Chapel Anniversaries as early as 1892.