The Hockleys

Emily Hockley
Frederick George Hockley
Ann Hockley, Hannah Hockley  and Sarah Hockley
Emily Hockley James and Martha’s first child, born 26th August 1868, died 28th January 1957 Beckenham. Married James Carter from Shalden (Golden Pot) 26th March 1894. We think the picture was before her marriage when she was, say, 18-20. Emily was bombed out twice during WW 2 at Penge where she lived. Frederick George Hockley, son of James Hockley, born 8th November 1877. Named for James two brothers. A shepherd boy 1891 at Bentley age 13yrs. Apprenticed to The Barry & South Wales Railway Co. Moved to Yeovil about 1907 and worked for Petters Ltd. (Makers of oil engines). Metal turner at time of death in 1937. Daughter Ann Hockley on the left of the picture. Mother Hannah Hockley nee Baggs in the middle and Sarah Hockley on the right. Ann was baptised 3rd November 1861. Sarah born 31 January 1866. No date given with this Alton taken photo. (1880?).
William Spier with his wife Louisa Hoar
Ann Hockley
Jane Brooks
William Spier of Binsted, born 18th November 1806, died 19th May 1880 with his wife Louisa Hoar of Bramshott, born 25th December 1806 died 21st June 1885. These two are the parents of James Hockley’s first wife Martha Spier. They made a trip to Alton for the picture.
This picture is special because the two people portrayed are the earliest born folk we have a photo of.
James Hockley’s next to youngest sister Ann (known as Annie) who married William Trimmer of Froyle. You will notice she is wearing her wedding ring. Photo was taken in London. She was baptised. 3rd November 1861. Jane Brooks, the eldest daughter of William Hockley and Hannah (nee Baggs) and sister of James Hockley. Baptised. 11th June 1854. The photo was taken in Chelsea.