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The Reverend Yann Dubreuil Tel: 07777684533
Mr.W.Knowles Park Edge, Upper Froyle Tel: 01420 23164

Benefice Pastoral Care: Gill Thalon (23528)
Prayer Chain: Nick Carter (472861)
Anna Chaplain: Jonathan Rooke

Church Services at Froyle in July & August

Sunday 1st JulyFroyle 8.00 am Holy Communion
  Bentley 5.00pm Live@Five (tea at 4.30pm)
    Binsted 9.30am
Holy Communion
Sunday 8th JulyFroyle 11.00 am Holy Communion
    Binsted 3.30pm
Marquee and Pet Service on the Recreation Ground
Sunday 15th JulyFroyle 11.00 am Pet Service at the Village Hall
    Bentley 5.00pm Live@Five (tea at 4.30pm)
    Binsted 9.30am
Morning Worship
Sunday 22nd July Froyle 6.30pm Evensong
  Bentley 9.30am Marquee Service on the Recreation Ground
Sunday 29th July Binsted 11.00am Joint Benifice Service

Sunday 5th August Froyle 8.00 am Holy Communion
    Bentley 9.30am Holy Communion
Sunday 12th August Froyle 11.00 am Holy Communion
    Binsted 9.30am
Holy Communion
Sunday 19th August Froyle 11.00 am Holy Communion
    Bentley 9.30am Holy Communion
Sunday 22nd July Froyle 6.30pm Evensong
    Binsted 9.30am
Holy Communion

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Remembrance Concert
Sunday, 21st October, Froyle Church

What we hope will be a very moving concert of choral singing, music and readings (both religious and secular), to mark the 100th anniversary three weeks later of the end of the First World War, will be held in Froyle Church on Sunday 21st October, early evening (exact time tbc). It will be led by Winchester Consort, a Winchester based choir of invited singers who have performed a number of Remembrance-themed concerts over the last four years, mostly in the Quire of Winchester Cathedral. Further details will appear in September’s magazine.
William Knowles (23164)

Pet Service at Froyle Village Hall on Sunday 15th July at 11:00 am
If you haven’t been to this before, the focal point of this short, entertaining service in the Village Hall (or on the patio outside) is the vicar making a spectacle of himself blessing all sorts of usually rather bewildered or distracted looking and occasionally rambunctious pets (Yann explains it slightly differently – see “View from the Vicarage” below). You don’t need a pet to come along! There are some short prayers and readings done by children. Tea and cake are served afterwards. Donations go to Canine Partners, a member of which will give a short talk on the work they do with their amazing dogs. And if anyone would like to play the village hall piano to accompany the two or three well-known hymns we sing at the service, do let Jenny Gove or me know!!
Community Group and William Knowles

The Vicars Letter
Dear All,

All creatures great and small will be in the congregation on Sunday, July 8 at Binsted and Sunday, July 15 in Froyle when we hold the first Binsted Pet Service in the fête marquee on the recreation ground and our annual Pet Service at the Froyle Village Hall, respectively. I’m already thinking about appropriate hymns that our unusual congregation might enjoy hearing… Bark the Herald Angels, maybe?
From my experience of Froyle’s pet services, the pets are always remarkably well behaved on these occasions, (the owners are usually quite good too) with various breeds of dog sitting happily side by side, for much of the time. Hamsters, rabbits, ducks, chickens and ponies have also been known to attend, and we’ve even had cats - though they are usually confined - the temptation to chase other smaller animals is often too much for them!
So why am I subjecting myself ( and the pets and their owners) to this, you may well ask. In Genesis we find God “created human beings; he created them godlike, reflecting God’s nature. He created them male and female. God blessed them: “Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Earth! Take charge! Be responsible for fish in the sea and birds in the air, for every living thing that moves on the face of Earth.” (The Message) - what a tremendous responsibility and obligation to respect other forms of life! I don’t believe that is the primary justification for this service, but I do see it as a way of honouring the creatures we have asked to share our lives, to be our friends, to be part of our families.
I know many people for whom the loss of a much loved pet can cause almost as much distress as the loss of a relative. Animals with a long life span will share much of a family’s achievements as well as its low points. They will comfort us when we are sad, amuse us when we are tired and take us for bracing walks in all weathers, showing us how to face each day with eagerness and optimism. They can teach little children responsibility and tenderness and can give the elderly love and affection with a wet nose and the caress of a soft coat. Sentimental? I think not. I’ve seen how animal visitors in care homes can bring a smile to an aged face and how taking care of animals in school and in the home can educate and encourage respect for the animal kingdom.
So on Sunday, July 8, at 11am, I’ll take my own pet, Scooby (my family quite wisely prevented me from calling him Welby…) along to the marquee in Binsted and then on to the Village Hall in Froyle the following week, same time. I’ll sit him down, tell him to ‘stay’ and hope that many others will join us. Then we shall sing joyful songs for our furry and feathered friends, bless them for their loyalty and companionship and thank God for giving us responsibility over such a variety of creatures. Bring Hammy, Fido and whoever else is your reliable companion along and if your favourite cat, rabbit or guinea pig is too shy to join us, a picture or soft toy can act as a substitute. We shall ask God to bless them all and give thanks.

Blessings, Yann